association constant

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as·so·ci·a·tion con·stant

1. in experimental immunology, a mathematical expression of hapten-antibody interaction: average association constant, K = [hapten-bound antibody]/[free antibody][free hapten];
2. the equilibrium constant involved in the association of two or more compounds or ions into a new compound; the reciprocal of the dissociation constant.
Synonym(s): binding constant
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The association constants of the complexes formed between the host and the guest were calculated.
4], suggested that the compound exhibited weak binding for chloride and bromide with the association constants of 24 and 23 [M.
This moderate interference of DHEA in the aBT compared with 5-diol is to be expected with the lower association constant of DHEA for SHBG (66 x [10.
An association constant of 130 000 was used in all cases and a variety of monomer molar masses in the range of 500 to 1500 g/mol were assumed for terminators and propagators.
In order to explain the varying polymerization rates, the association constants for each complex were determined, whereupon complexation of each ferrocene derivative with dichloromethane was found to be more facile than similar complexation with benzyl chloride due to steric considerations.
y], the association constant, has been defined in Equation (18).
The Vermeulen and Sodergard equations are based on the law of mass action, in which estimates of total testosterone, SHBG, and the values for the association constants for the binding of testosterone to albumin and SHBG are used to calculate bioT and FT.
We compared CBT concentrations calculated with the theoretical association constants [K.

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