associated movements

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as·so·ci·at·ed move·ments

normal involuntary limb movements that accompany voluntary movement, for example, arm swing with walking.

as·so·ci·at·ed move·ments

(ă-sōsē-ā-tĕd mūvmĕnts)
Normal involuntary limb movements that accompany voluntary movement, e.g., arm swing with walking.
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He added: "What we are planning against is the defeat of al Qaida and its associated movements.
Sir John Gieve, Permanent Secretary at the Home Office, added that there was "no doubt" that Britain remained a target for al Qaida and its associated movements.
The assessment involves timed performance and associated movements on a set of simple and complex motor tests, including repetitive, alternating, and sequential movements, peg-board tests, and static and dynamic balance.
Once these dynamics of the Earth can be visualized and conceptualized in terms of space and time, understanding the associated movements of a satellite with respect to the Earth may be possible, thereby facilitating conclusions as to how and for what purposes this technology is used.
Blavatsky's theosophy, along with associated movements of figures such as Krishnamurti, helped to form the spiritual ethos of the West Coast in the 1960s, fostering both Buddhism and New Ageism.
The Terrorist Perspectives Project; strategic and operational views of Al Qaida and associated movements.
Protecting America's interests and defeating al Qaeda and its associated movements requires cooperative allies and sympathetic populations.

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