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Fit for Work case manager, Jonathan Hill urged employers in attendance at the seminar to use the new service which includes an in-depth assessment interview followed by a personalised 'Return to Work Plan' for the individual worker concerned, and recommendations to implement the plan.
Giving evidence at Monday's inquest, St Albans manager Ruth Young said she had conducted a risk assessment interview with Mr Carpenter prior to his arrival at the home and was aware he was known to "overly fill his mouth with food," posing a "choking hazard.
Prosecutor Iain Willis said that in October last year Miller had to attend an assessment interview with a health care nurse at the DWP offices in Cofa Court.
I sat my final assessment interview at the Reebok Stadium, Bolton, in October.
In the hospital, the nurse-patient relationship usually begins with the assessment interview, a process that requires nurses to communicate and interact effectively with patients.
Incorporation of these questionnaires will prove to streamline this critical donor risk assessment process and increase satisfaction of all stakeholders involved in giving donor information and performing or reviewing the donor risk assessment interview.
Alcohol outcome study measures included percentage of days abstinent and drinks per drinking day as derived from Form 90, a structured assessment interview for drinking and related behaviors.
This article examines how this life story information is deleted, selected and transformed into a discussion topic in an assessment interview, and/or to include in a recommendation record.
html This publication provides a spiritual assessment interview and two instruments: FICA and HOPE.
Commonly used indirect instruments in the literature include the Motivation Assessment Scale (MAS; Durand & Crimmins, 1988), the Questions About Behavioral Function (QABF; Matson & Vollmer, 1995), the Functional Assessment Interview (O'Neill et al.
Fiona was interviewed using the Student-assisted Functional Assessment Interview (Kern, Dunlap, Clarke, & Childs, 1994).
FAINT is the acronym for the interview and interrogation technique championed by the authors, which stands for Forensic Assessment Interview Technique.

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