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Etymology: L, assilirere, to leap upon
1 an unlawful act that places another person, without that person's consent, in fear of immediate bodily harm or battery.
2 the act of committing an assault.
3 to threaten a person with bodily harm or injury. See battery.


The unlawful placing of an individual in apprehension of immediate bodily harm without his or her consent.


Forensic medicine The unlawful placing of an individual in apprehension of immediate bodily harm without his/her consent. See Sexual assault, Nonsexual genital assault.

assault/interpersonal violence

A social act involving a serious abuse of power, consisting of the exertion of physical force and power over another individual with the intent of controlling, disempowering and/or injuring that individual. See Domestic violence.


n an intentional, unlawful offer of bodily injury to another by force or unlawfully directing force toward another person to create a reasonable fear of imminent danger, coupled with the apparent ability to do the harm threatened if not prevented. A completed assault is a battery. In a medical setting, the unconsented touching of the body would be an assault and battery.

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Many young children and teenagers fall prey to abuse, robberies, and assaults without ever having flouted laws or acted irresponsibly, he holds.
A 10-year comparison of data from 2002 and 2011 showed that the rate of aggravated assaults in 2011 dropped 22.
373 alleged assailants were identified in connection with the 1,650 assaults on federal officers.
The authors determined from their research that no clear profile of an offender who assaults or kills a law enforcement officer exists.
Of course, in order to get a better picture, it is up to LAPD to go back to their system and calculate the simple assaults category that they have previously included in their 2004 aggravated assault report and post that information along with the new information.
Did women in cases of sexual assault, incest, and rape put forward their good name and their loss of honour as part of their victimization?
Compared to abstainers from alcohol and drugs, those who cited alcohol dependence over the past year encountered more violent assaults during the 2-year follow-up; women who abused two or more drugs simultaneously suffered the greatest number of new violent assaults.
In at least one instance, a helicopter pilot turned back without orders and refused to fly into the assault.
A comparison of data for 2001 and 2010 showed that the rate of aggravated assaults in 2010 dropped 20.
Charlie Beck told the panel the LAPD reclassified its domestic assaults in order to comply with federal guidelines.
Dispersed attacks, like the other two types of coordinated assaults, seek to expand the extent and spread of damage and fear.
Though there is no evidence of women perpetrating serious political violence, 21 percent of assaults for which women were indicted were connected with land.