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(1) Acute Stroke Study.
(2) Auckland Stroke Study.

adjective Referring to the buttocks and anus.

noun The buttocks and anus.


see donkey.
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Also, Alvarez added he would make federalism an election issue, even as he asked the Filipino people not to vote for lawmakers, particularly the senators, who oppose Charter change for a shift to a federal form of government.
The DJ, with his girlfriend Shannon Melcher as the picture was taken, argues Ms Swift pressured KYGO radio to fire him.
In the abstract ideas corner of ASS 101 law, many had high hopes in 2014 that the Supreme Court would finally answer the question of what constitutes an abstract idea under Alice v.
The long list of coaches who have come and gone from Jose Brasa to Michael Nobbs and Terry Walsh to van Ass is scary.
It is interesting to note that the ass curse image was engraved on some of these as well.
In the past decades, Asiatic wild ass has attracted attention of researchers from many countries (Reading et al.
All corral captures were attempted in November when a portion of the wild ass population migrates to the western part of the Altyn Emel NP.
Major characters are stabbed in the neck or run through with a sword, and while, in one sense, the harshness of the comedy is a match for the harshness of the violence, somehow laughing one second and cringing the next doesn't make for a pleasurable experience -- especially as it all ultimately lands in a zone of pointlessness.
Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Dave Lizewski and Chloe Moretz as Mindy McCready battling it out in training and, inset, in more relaxed mood
Millar talks about how he and Matthew Vaughn, director of "Kick-Ass" and serving as the sequel's producer, wanted Carrey for the sequel.
We define our further generalization Ass(a, b) of the classical associahedron as follows.