asplenia syndrome

a·sple·ni·a syn·drome

syndrome seen in patients who have no functional spleen, either because of surgical removal or disease (for example, sickle cell anemia); includes increased susceptibility to bacterial infection, especially of the pneumococcal type.

Ivemark syndrome

A heterotaxy syndrome (OMIM:208530) in which both right and left atria of the heart are morphologically right. Other associated anomalies include asplenia, mid-line liver, small intestine malrotation and two morphological right lungs.
Clinical findings
In keeping with congenital heart defect—i.e., cyanosis, breathlessness, lethargy, poor feeding.

asplenia syndrome

A rare disorder of fetal development that occurs before the fifth gestational week and results in congenital anomalies of the left hemibody, including absence of the spleen.
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Cardiac anomalies are less common in PS than are in asplenia syndrome (1).
These types can occur in situs solitus, situs inversus or asplenia syndrome,1,3 levocardia or dextrocardia.
Prolonged and functional survival with the asplenia syndrome.