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the fluid, gas, or solid particles that are withdrawn from the body by aspiration methods.

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Q. What Causes Aspiration Pneumonia? My father is hospitalized with aspiration pneumonia. What causes this?

A. Aspiration pneumonia is a pneumonia that develops due to the entrance of foreign material that enter the bronchial tree (air tubes), usually oral or gastric contents (including food, saliva, or nasal secretions). Aspiration pneumonia represents a either a bacterial infection or a chemical inflammatory process due to inadequate swallowing mechanism.

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The aspirants had been disqualified on the grounds that they had problems in their documents, incomplete voter registration cards with some of them were government servants, said, authorities of the provincial election commission.
The aspirant convent borders the leper village, so every day between prayers and study Liesbeth led 16 of our aspirants to fetch water, carry the heavy buckets on their heads, and walk to where the house was to be built.
With majority of the job aspirants showing their keenness to work in Canada, the WWICS expert panel advised them to apply for a visa under a wide range of programmes including Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO), Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP), Manitoba PNP, Ontario PNP and Nova Scotia PNP, among others.
The aspirants traveling on the rooftops were returning from a police recruitment rally in Bareilly that was canceled at the last moment.
While this has never been more prevalent than today, it is also executives and professionals such as doctors, lawyers and accountants that can lay claim to the rest of those aspirant millionaires.
The questions highlighted above converge with those raised by critics like Levine, questions having to do with the selection of aspirants, curricular relevance, and the quality of clinical experiences.
One of our aspirant informants (A#9) summed this expectation up rather pithily as follows:
However, there also are increasing numbers of the younger rich moving into the aspirant millionaire category, including media and sports personalities.
One of the questions in the application form is whether the aspirant faced or is facing any criminal charges.
Cardiff and Newport areas have the largest proportion of aspirant millionaires.
Democratic representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts said he might take s stab at the senate if current senator and Democratic presidential aspirant John Kerry wins the chief executive's job or becomes vice president.
The aspirant countries are demonstrating their ability to operate with the Alliance.