aspheric lens

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a·spher·ic lens

a lens with a paraboloidal surface that eliminates spheric aberration.
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We will expand our business-use lens operations to various industries based on the latest large-diameter glass-molded aspheric lens in order to increase sales.
In the latter 1970s and early 1980s, the use of computer-aided design enabled more complex polynomial aspheric lens surfaces to be manufactured.
Clinical studies have not been conducted with the Akreos Advanced Optics Aspheric lens to assess the effect of the added aspheric surface to the parent lens model Akreos on spherical aberration, visual acuity and contrast sensitivity.
The Akreos Adapt AO aspheric lens, which incorporates a similar aberration-free optical design delivered through a 2.
The AcrySof(R) IQ IOL is an aspheric lens that is designed to reduce spherical aberration and has been shown to improve night driving performance versus a conventional spherical IOL.
Arima has dedicated substantial resources to the effort: developing its own high quality aspheric lens and image processing chip.
The AD (anomalous dispersion) glass and two aspheric lens elements help the DiMAGE Z3 correct spherical aberration and curvilinear distortion, factors that can cause problems at high zoom ranges.
The camera's optical lens system consists of 11 elements in nine groups and includes two aspheric lens elements, for sharp, high-quality images.
Silicon Optix technology allowed us to design a full-featured lens and -- at the same time -- eliminate complex and costly aspheric lens elements," said Andy DeLong, President and Chief Technology Officer of Brilliant Technologies.
candidate at the University of Rochester, was recognized for his work on aspheric lens design using CODE V in his paper titled, "Design of Lithographic Lenses with Slope Constrained Q-Polynomials.