The aminoacyl radical of aspartic acid.
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Candida secreted aspartyl proteinases - expression and function during infection.
ALP: Alkaline phosphatase; AST: Aspartyl aminotransferase; ALT: Alanine aminotransferase.
albicans, which though distantly related have similar gene families encoding for enzymes phospholipases, lipases, aspartyl proteases, and acid sphingomyelinases.
The predominant in vivo proton signal is NAA, with contributions from other N-acetyl compounds, especially N-acetyl aspartyl glutamate.
Notably, the CTX octapeptide also contains an aspartyl that gradually undergoes isomerization and racemization, converting from the newly synthesized form ([alpha]CTX) to an isomerized form ([beta]CTX) over time.
Cathepsin D is a lysosomal aspartyl protease which acts as a mature active enzyme in the lysosomes in an acidic pH and synthesized by stromal reactive cells and macrophages.
Clarke, Deamidation, isomerization, and racemization at asparaginyl and aspartyl residues in peptides.
Secreted aspartyl proteinases (SAPs) are extracellular proteolytic enzymes that play a central role in Candida pathogencity.
The aspartyl protease beta-secretase (BACE1) is responsible for the first step in the proteolytic pathway that produces these peptides in the brain.
The [beta]-secretase (BACE1, transmembrane aspartyl protease) initiates endoproteolytic cleavage giving rise to N-terminus of A[beta] ([beta]-secretase cleaved APP to [beta]CTF as the intermediate) followed by [gamma]-secretase (membrane-embedded aspartyl protease complex consisting of presenilin, PS), presenilin enhancer-2 (Pen-2), anterior pharynx defective-1 (Aph-1), and nicastrin, which reveals the C-terminus of A[beta] [51].
The aspartyl proteases, phospholipases, and lipases are involved in the breakdown of cell membranes in host epithelia, which promotes colonization and invasion [9].
Renin is an aspartyl protease which specifically cleaves angiotensinogen.