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See asexual.


The condition of lacking sex, sexually functioning organs, or sexal orientation.


(a?sek'shu-al) [ ¹an- + sexual]
1. Lacking sex organs or functional sex organs.
2. Produced or reproduced without sex.
Synonym: agamicasexuality (shu-al'it-e) asexually
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291) If an asexual were open about her asexuality prior to marriage, then the other party should have little reason to complain.
My aim is to raise awareness of asexuality, so that understanding can take the place of ignorance.
A pond of asexual Daphnia may go extinct quite rapidly owing to these deleterious gene-exposing processes, but the small chromosomal regions responsible for asexuality survive by jumping to new sexual populations where they again transform the local individuals to asexuality by repeated backcrossing," explains Lynch.
However, I would suggest that this slippage could also gesture to the witches' asexuality and otherworldly nature.
In contrast, Yocom views the furry disguise as a resource: "She strategically uses asexuality to camouflage her sexual body" (2012, 105).
She is also trapped in an unlikely asexuality that is slightly overdone, for at the close of the novel she is thirty years old and a neophyte.
Our research adds to the growing amount of evidence that asexuality does not always result in the rapid extinction of a lineage," she said.
While Schwander argues that asexuality does bring certain benefits such as rapid population growth she says repeated cloning of genes through generations means species are less able to adapt to new environments.
The similarities between Alemanno's formulation and Paracelsus's recipe are apparent in this passage, from the use of semen, to the provision of a constant external heat (provided by horse dung in Paracelsus' procedure), to the reference to the asexuality of the process.
In public, he was the subject of racial specificity within a society struggling with the language of race; he was the subject of somatic transformations through plastic surgery; he embodied the coincidence of his skin disease, Vitiligo, which organically transformed his skin, casting doubt throughout his adulthood as to the veracity of this disease; and he defied sex and sexual specificity as this Jehovah's witness retained an asexuality and androgyny that put some at discomfort simply because there had been no prior reference either mimetically or historically.
Unlike celibacy, which people choose, asexuality is an intrinsic part of who we are.