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(ă-sit'ik), Do not confuse this word with acetic or acidic.
Of or relating to ascites.


Relating to ascites.


(a-sit'ez) [Gr. askites from askos, a leather bag]
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Edema marked by excess serous fluid in the peritoneal cavity. Synonym: hydroperitoneum; hydrops abdominis; See: edema; peritonitis; illustrationascitic (-sit'ik), adjective


Ascites may be caused by interference in venous return of the heart (as in congestive heart failure), obstruction of flow in the vena cava or portal vein, obstruction in lymphatic drainage, disturbances in electrolyte balance (as in sodium retention), depletion of plasma proteins, cirrhosis, malignancies (such as ovarian cancer), or infections within the peritoneum.

Patient care

Ventilatory effort, appetite and food intake, fluid intake and output, and weight are assessed. The patient should be advised to limit fluid intake to about 1.5L daily and be educated about a low-sodium diet. Both of these interventions may limit or slow the reaccumulation of fluid in the peritoneum. Abdominal girth is measured at the largest point, and the site marked for future measurements. Paracentesis, if necessary, is explained to the patient. Emotional and physical support are provided to the patient throughout the procedure. Desired outcomes include eased ventilatory effort, improved appetite, improved general comfort, and identification of the cause of the accumulated fluid.

ascites chylosus

Chyle in the ascitic fluid, usually due to rupture of the thoracic duct.

diuretic-resistant ascites

Ascites in the peritoneal cavity that cannot be eliminated with diuretic medications such as furosemide and spironolactone. It must be managed with high-volume paracentesis or a transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt).

hemorrhagic ascites

Bloody ascites, usually due to malignancy or, occasionally, by tuberculosis.


(ă-sit'ik) Do not confuse this word with acetic or acidic.
Of or relating to ascites.
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In general, ascitic losses in broilers are as a result of pulmonary hypertension that results into tachycardia and heart hypertrophy and finally ascite.
Ascitic fluid examination in these patients revealed an exudative fluid.
Tuberculosis groups were showing group for Pulmonary tuberculosis (having progressive tuberculosis proven bacteriologically), Lymphnode tuberculosis (confirmed by histopathologically), Central nervous system (CNS) tuberculosis (confirmed by CSF studies or response to anti-tubercular therapy), Genitourinary tuberculosis (confirmed by histopathologically, radiology, CT and clinical study), Abdominal tuberculosis (confirmed by biopsy, radiology, ascitic fluid examination and clinical study) and Osteoarticular tuberculosis.
Upon opening the abdomen, three litres of straw-coloured ascitic fluid was drained and 500 ml of blood was aspirated from a nasogastric tube.
The effect of hypothyroidism on the ascitic form of Ehrlich tumor in either non-ovariectomized or ovariectomized adult female mice was studied.
As in this case, symptoms generally include an insidiously developing ascitic abdominal swelling with pain, fever, weight loss, and night sweats.
Pleural and ascitic fluid accumulation may be severe enough to give respiratory distress.
In addition, the research on antitumor action of the seed oil of purpleblow maple using a model of ascitic tumor showed that the average inhibiting rate of small and large dosage of it to ascitic cancer in mice was 81.
In comparison with the traditional production process, starting from the ascitic liquid of the mouse, obtaining the antibody from genetically modified tobacco plants, has advantages due to higher levels of safety and industrial possibilities.
Denver Biomedical was the first company to receive FDA clearance specifically for an indwelling catheter for drainage of chronic pleural and ascitic fluids.
WHY IT CAUSES BLOATING: "In ovarian cancer, distension is probably down to an accumulation of ascitic fluid," says Professor Sean Kehoe, of charity Wellbeing of Women, which funds research into reproductive health.