asbestos bodies

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as·bes·tos bod·ies

ferruginous bodies with asbestos fibers as a core; a histologic hallmark of exposure to asbestos.

as·bes·tos bo·dies

(as-bes'tŏs bod'ēz)
Ferruginous bodies with asbestos fibers as a core; a histologic hallmark of exposure to asbestos.
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The critique takes issue with the number of asbestos bodies required for a pathologic diagnosis of asbestosis, noting that chrysotile does not form asbestos bodies as well as the amphiboles.
Asbestos bodies have been identified in the larynges of those exposed and may be associated with laryngeal irritation and hyperplasia, but no association between histologically confirmed asbestos bodies and laryngeal dysplasia or carcinoma has been seen.
Presence of asbestos bodies in organs other than the lung.
Asbestos Bodies and Fibers (Millions/Gram Dry Lung) Median (5%-95% Values) Asbestos Case body/[cm.
Moreover, in postmortem material from the same area, 25 out of 31 subjects with no occupational exposure presented asbestos bodies (AB) in the lungs (6 with over 1,000 AB) (28).
With respect to iron-catalyzed redox reactions, Aust et al suggest that iron deposited on asbestos bodies may be mobilized and thus participate in tissue injury.
There were no asbestos bodies noted in the lung tissue, but there were occasional polarizable foreign bodies, consistent with silica particles.
1) The CAP criteria require "discrete foci of fibrosis in the walls of respiratory bronchioles associated with accumulations of asbestos bodies in histological sections.
Although asbestosis is predominantly a lower lung disease radiographically, the presence of asbestos bodies in regions of parenchymal fibrosis supports this diagnosis pathologically as outlined elsewhere in this paper.