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R.S., 20th-century British physician. See: Crow-Fukase syndrome.

Charcot restraint orthotic walker

; CROW custom-made boot incorporating a total contact cast; worn after initial oedema has subsided, allowing the patient to remain weight-bearing during the natural course of the disease yet minimizing trauma to the affected area (Figure 1)
Figure 1: Charcot restraint orthotic walker (CROW).


a bird in the genus corvus.

crow pick
predatory gouging of eyes and other soft tissues from sick or weak lambs by crows. Wounds often infected with gas gangrene organisms.
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The women arrived 15 hours behind schedule to meet their father at their checkpoint at Emigrant Pass, about one-quarter of the distance - as the crow flies - to Mount Whitney.
The Miter Basin, hemmed in by the sheer, granite walls that give rise to the High Sierra just three miles south of Mount Whitney as the crow flies, is the most remote, barren and beautiful location I have ever hoofed into.