artificial sphincter

ar·ti·fi·cial sphinc·ter

a sphincter produced by surgical procedures to reduce speed of flow in the digestive system or to maintain continence of the intestine.
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The artificial sphincter procedure for men is performed with a small incision and usually requires an overnight admission.
By pressing a valve implanted under the skin, you can cause the artificial sphincter to deflate.
Truffle Capital Leads Round, Joining Novartis Venture Funds and other Series A Investors to bring Artificial Sphincter Technology to Market
The available options discussed with the patient included: open abdomino-perineal debridement of the fistula and removal of all Tegress with excision of the diseased urethra and re-anastomosis to the bladder neck followed by a staged artificial sphincter several months later or a simple cystectomy with debridement of the fistula and Tegress and an ileal conduit.
LOUIS -- An artificial sphincter for intractable fecal incontinence provides impressive quality of life benefits--when implanted in the right patients.
Another FDA protocol on an alternative method using an artificial sphincter is proposed.
A prospective study evaluating the efficacy of the artificial sphincter AMS 800 for the treatment of postradical prostatectomy urinary incontinence and the correlation between preoperative urodynamic and surgical outcomes.
Based upon the favorable clinical experience and few complications to date, the surgeon predicted that radiofrequency energy may eventually win acceptance as an initial procedure before consideration of artificial sphincter implantation.
BALTIMORE -- The artificial sphincter is a reasonable alternative to sling surgery for many women with urinary incontinence due to an incompetent sphincter, Dr.
Implantation of the artificial sphincter resulted in significant improvements in all four of the domains assessed: lifestyle, coping/behavior, depression/ self-perception, and embarrassment (Dis.
Long-term continence and patient satisfaction after artificial sphincter implantation for urinary incontinence after prostatectomy.
Patient 1 was continent following an artificial sphincter implantation, while patient 2 was continent following surgery alone.