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Produced or caused by an artifact.
Synonym(s): artifactitious


(1) Referring to something produced by human hands.
(2) Referring to an inaccurate finding, deviation or alteration of electronic readout or morphology due to some form of systemic error.


Produced or caused by an artifact.


, artifactitious (ahr'ti-fak'chū-ăl, -fak-tish'ŭs)
Produced or caused by an artifact.
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S100 stains can be helpful because true fat is S100 positive and artifactual spaces are not.
As we have seen, some of these sortal principles may be artifactual, though some are no doubt natural.
Our data also permit robust long-term analysis, which is central to identifying whether differences in incidence or epidemiology are real or artifactual, and whether those differences are meaningful for public health.
Our findings are consistent with studies conducted on human blood samples (7) as well as cattle, (12, 14) goats, pigs (14) and rats, (13) but in contrast with the study conducted by Clarke (15) on equine blood samples, which showed artifactual changes in stored blood samples.
Given the potential for artifactual signal loss with TOF MRA in cases of altered flow, it is not surprising that MRA has a high false-positive rate for detection of intracranial stenosis and occlusion.
The literary study that follows takes into account some of the existing archaeological evidence of Egyptian monastic material remains; however, a caveat is needed here to contextualize the importance of the artifactual evidence for my discussion of the monastic literature.
Hamden, Connecticut) provide an in-depth examination of nontraditional applications of three important imaging techniques--photography, radiography, and endoscopy--to the field of archaeological and artifactual analysis.
Conventional A-scan ultrasound indents the cornea causing artifactual shortening of the axial length and is best reserved for eyes with very dense cataracts where laser interferometry cannot be used.
In her second section Zunshine turns to stories in which the artifactual and the natural are conflated, in particular the perennial story of the artificially-made creature who rebels against its creator, with Frankenstein being the prototypical case.
At the same time, these settings are mediated by artifactual utility.
Worth, Texas) and delivered through a probe to the outer-ear canal, where they were acoustically mixed to avoid artifactual distortion.
They began apparently with displays associated with shock and pain and intensively deliberative labor--at least so the artifactual evidence indicates.