glenoid labrum of scapula

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gle·noid la·brum of scapula

a ring of fibrocartilage attached to the margin of the glenoid cavity of the scapula to increase its depth.
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5 mm PEEK FT corkscrew anchors (Arthrex, Naples, FL) in all specimens; the anchors were inserted just lateral to the articular margin of the humeral head into punched holes.
The device is then placed as close as possible to the articular margin.
There was an interruption of the articular margin, an invasion of the lateral and posterior cortex with soft tissue extension, and advanced osteoarthritic changes (Figure 1).
One method involves placing the anterolateral tunnel in a right knee at the 1:00 o'clock position, 6 mm off the articular margin, and the posteromedial tunnel at the 2:30 o'clock position, 4 to 5 mm off the articular margin.
The talus/os trigonum synchondrosis appeared intact, although subchondral erosions were present along the articular margins (Figure 1).
2,3) When a large osteophyte arises from the upper cervical vertebrae, as in our case, where it occurred at the C1 to C2 articular margins, it presents as a large oropharyngeal mass.