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, arrak (a-rak'),
A strong alcoholic liquor distilled from dates, rice, sap of the coconut palm, and other agricultural products.
[Ar. sweet juice]
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It's time to take Ceylon Arrack to the world," said Amal de Silva Wijeyeratna, CEO of Rockland Distilleries, the family-owned business that has been making the spirit since 1924.
The secret ingredient of arrack is urea which is quite easy to obtain as it is the main component of fertilizer.
In reality, original punch beverages contained arrack, a sugarcane-rice liquor.
Tip: Arrack or Cointreau can be used instead of the cognac.
It therefore became very desirable to keep on hand a supply of articles, such as knives, pieces of cloth, arrack, or sago cakes, to multiply the chance that one or other article would suit the itinerant merchant.
41) The reference is to the arrack made from the coconut palm.
The looters from the nearest shanty town would then arrive whilst the generous distribution of arrack [liquor] would help to maintain the excitement.
An infusion of sodium lactate launches an anxiety arrack in many panic disorder patients.
The $15 drink also includes Ron Zacapa 23 rum, Batavia Arrack and mole bitters; it's served in a glass that's been rinsed with Talisker Storm Scotch.
uk EVENTS TOMORROW World Spirits Workshop Chris Edwards hosts the last in the series of workshops in the Kazimier Garden, including mezcal, arrack, white dog, pisco, cachaca, and sake, 2pm.
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