aroma chemical

aroma chemical,

n an odorous chemical with useful properties that is also legal and safe to use as a flavor or fragrance.
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The main products from the company's reactor train, benzoic acid and benzaldehyde, are key intermediates used for downstream products such as K-FLEX[R] plasticizers and the Kalama[R] aroma chemical line.
The main products from the company's reactor train--benzoic acid and benzaldehyde--are key intermediates used for the production of important downstream products, notably K-FLEX plasticizers and the Kalama aroma chemical line.
With 2009 annual revenues of $279 million, IAR is one of the world's leading suppliers of resins and additives to the graphics arts, adhesives, aroma chemical, synthetic rubber and specialty coating industries.
The new aroma chemical plant is expected to come on stream in 2012, the company said in a statement sent to FLEXNEWS.
The perfume, containing aroma chemical Iso E Super, promises to "lend radiance to the wearer, giving a pheromonic effect".
Ethyl butyrate, for example, is a common aroma chemical; in conjunction with another aroma chemical, acetaldehyde, it's what gives orange juice its succulent quality.
due to poor performance stemming from sluggish aroma chemical market conditions.
The Innospec Widnes products will also complement our current portfolio, roughly doubling the range of materials in our aroma chemical line.
IAR, whose 2009 annual revenues were [section]278 million, supplies resins and additives to the aroma chemical, adhesives, graphic arts, specialty coating and synthetic rubber industries.
According to the company, Takasago is honored to have the technical support of Professor Ryoji Noyori as the company strives toward breakthroughs in flavor, fragrance and aroma chemical development.
The company also completed an expansion of its aroma chemical product line capacity in 2013 and several K-FLEX expansions at its Kalama, WA facility.