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Etymology: Gk, spice
any agreeable odor or pleasing fragrance, especially of food, drink, spices, or medication.


(ă-rō′mă) [Gr. arōma, spice]
An agreeable odor.

Patient discussion about aroma

Q. Do you know the Aroma Therapy packs they sale over the mall? they say it's especially good for Arthritis, is it true ?

A. i'm a bit skeptic about "wonder treatments" you buy at the malls. i think that 99% of those things are there because desperate people will buy anything for a bit of peace of mind.

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References in classic literature ?
By the time we had cleared away the blood and refuse in the tower, the cook had juicy steaks and a steaming broth upon the electric stove, and the aroma arising from P.
The fresh chill air was faintly charged with the aroma of pine balsam, and the sky above was crystal clear and blue -- a great inverted cup of blessing.
The grain was waist-high on either side the wagon road, and he sniffed the warm aroma of it with delighted nostrils.
All association must be a compromise, and, what is worst, the very flower and aroma of the flower of each of the beautiful natures disappears as they approach each other.
He warmed the teapot--almost too deftly--rejected the Orange Pekoe that the parlour-maid had provided, poured in five spoonfuls of a superior blend, filled up with really boiling water, and now called to the ladies to be quick or they would lose the aroma.
Doubtless there remained a subtle aroma from his juvenile contact with the "De Senectute" and the fourth book of the "AEneid," but it had ceased to be distinctly recognizable as classical, and was only perceived in the higher finish and force of his auctioneering style.
Memories of her hot, fluffy biscuits, baked chicken, apple pies and delicious coffee, carried trailing aromas that set his nostrils twitching.
Using aroma extract dilution analysis, scientists screened for aroma-active compounds in fresh pineapple juice, which was characterized by a pleasant fresh, fruity aroma.
Maybe it was a little old because hop aroma fades fast as a beer ages, but I decided to recharge it and HOPBOX it with 3 different aroma hops used in the beer.
com/research/kd58sh/global_aroma) has announced the addition of the "Global Aroma Chemicals Market 2015-2019" report to their offering.
It may be possible to avoid the need to add sugar to fruit juices and soft drinks if we can identify aroma compounds that help the consumer perceive a drink as sweet.
Auto Business News-August 19, 2014--Lincoln collaborates with Rene Morgenthaler to develop new aroma