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The CMP located the remains of 36 individuals in 2015 thanks to an elderly woman witness who was 95 years old," Arni said.
Another important point raised in the analysis was the study authors' opinion that delaying the routine use of Arni in clinical practice could result in the failure to prevent tens of thousands of deaths among patients with HF-rEF.
Yancy recommend that the ARNI replace an ACE inhibitor or an ARB for patients tolerating these therapies alongside standard care.
Arni Oddur Thordarson, Chief Executive of Marel said: "I look forward to working closely with the exceptional Marel team.
21), and Arni is brought to captivating life through spirited quotations from his correspondence (Mar also draws on Arni's notes, working papers, and transcriptions; the recorded observations of contemporary scholars; and, with reservations, two eighteenth-century biographies).
The MOA frequently cites as a source of the term ARNI the August 11, 1992, MOA between the EPA and the corps, referred to hereinafter as the "ARNI MOA.
Five pictographic paintings recording the exploits of 14 Tsuu T'ina (Sarcee) warriors are the subject of Arni Brownstone's current research.
The bank said that it has hired Paul Arni from UBS AG (NYSE: UBS) as its new head of private banking for Zurich and adjoining regions.
According to ARNI, farmers can make their own contribution to future survival by selecting the most fertile suckler cow types and putting them to terminal sires that produce calves with the highest carcase value.
Everyone agrees that there is an abundance of minkes in the North Atlantic and there is in no way any argument against [whaling] from an endangered species point of view," says Iceland's Minister of Fisheries, Arni Mathiesen.