area pellucida

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area pellucida

(pĕ-loo′sĭd-ŭ) [L. pellucidus, very clear]
The clear central portion of the embryonic disk.


pl. areae, areas [L.] a limited space or plane surface.

association a's
areas of the cerebral cortex (excluding primary areas) connected with each other and with the neothalamus; they are responsible for higher mental and emotional processes, including memory, learning, etc.
Brodmann's a's
specific occipital and preoccipital areas of the cerebral cortex, distinguished by differences in the arrangement of their six cellular layers, and identified by numbering each area.
cardiogenic area
in the embryo includes heart and pericardial rudiments.
central retinal area
the area of the retina, dorsal to the optic papilla, along the optical axis. Here the retinal vessels are missing.
In cattle the area is poorly defined as two areas; a rounded area concerned with binocular vision and a horizontal strip concerned wuth monocular vision.
area cerebrovasculosa
in anencephaly the cerebral hemispheres are replaced by a sheet of tissue composed largely of blood vessels called the area cerebrovasculosa.
area cribrosa
that part of the renal crest or renal papilla at which the papillary ducts open into the pelvis.
germinal area, area germinativa
embryonic disk.
area medullovasculosa
the central part of a spinal meningomyelocele. It is a raised, reddish protuberance devoid of skin and consists of spinal cord with a surrounding vascular network.
motor area
that area of the cerebral cortex which, on brief electrical stimulation, shows the lowest threshold and shortest latency for the production of muscle movement.
area nuda
an area on the surface of a viscus that has no serosal covering.
olfactory area
1. the part of the piriform lobe of the brain associated with olfaction.
2. a more general area including the olfactory bulb, tract and trigone.
area opaca
the opaque area of the embryonic disk of the fertilized avian egg surrounding the area pellucida; it forms some extraembryonic structures.
area pellucida
the clear central part of the developing embryonic disk in a fertilized avian egg. Produces the embryo's tissues.
area piriformis temporalis
the cortical area of the piriform lobe of the brain.
primary area
areas of the cerebral cortex comprising the motor and sensory regions.
psychomotor area
motor area.
area sampling
see area sampling.
silent area
an area of the brain in which pathological conditions may occur without producing clinical signs.
vocal area
the part of the glottis between the vocal cords.