ardent spirits

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ar·dent spir·its

brandy, whiskey, and other forms of distilled alcoholic liquors.
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Even then I realized the possibilities of my suburb, that hotbed of revolution in which heroes, inventors, and practical men of science, rogues and scoundrels, virtues and vices, were all packed together by poverty, stifled by necessity, drowned in drink, and consumed by ardent spirits.
The dull precious metal seemed to flash with a reflection of her bright and ardent spirit.
Innocent as the young man was of all wrong, every artful insinuation stung, every well- considered sarcasm cut him to the quick; and when Ralph noted his pale face and quivering lip, he hugged himself to mark how well he had chosen the taunts best calculated to strike deep into a young and ardent spirit.
Her natural temper was the reverse of his own, mild and inoffensive; and she is said to have done her best in her family that circumstances permitted, until a short time before her death, when bodily infirmities, or some other cause led her to use ardent spirits too freely.
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