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Etymology: Gk, architekton, master builder
the basic structure of a computer, including the memory, central processing unit, and input/output devices.


The form and manner in which a computer system and its components interact.

Vox populi
The shape or organisation of a structure or process.


n in medicine and dentistry, usually refers to the framework of a structure or system.
architecture, gingival,
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The issue of identity flagged in the volume's title comes especially to the fore in the essays on medieval architecture.
28) Superstudio took this utopian-dystopian ambiguity to the limit: Its "Continuous Monument" project (1969), an example of visionary architecture as Conceptual art, imagined the capitalist city swept clean of commodities and reconciled with nature--but at the cost of a grid that, though beautiful in its purity, was monstrous in its totality.
Distributed storage cluster (DSC) architecture exploits the proven benefits of clustering within an agile storage infrastructure, enabling enterprises to respond quickly and transparently to business changes.
3 terabytes of user data, leverages Sun's EDW Reference Architecture and Sybase IQ.
The Wakesoft Architecture Platform is now available on the IBM WebSphere and BEA WebLogic platforms.
The objective is to develop "just enough" architecture to implement these capabilities and not deliver an overly developed, but poorly focused architecture product.
Bloomberg to enhance the city's built environment, Case Studies of the Mayor's Design and Construction Excellence Initiative will focus on seven projects and look at how the NYC Department of Design and Construction is redefining what public architecture can be in the twenty-first century.
In architecture, as elsewhere, the inevitable outcome is pluralism, an array of narrow approaches founded on different, arbitrary realities.
The baseline Observing Systems Architecture was completed in January 2003, six months after the project began.
These issues are central in the books reviewed for this paper, which as a group demonstrate both the variety and vitality of scholarship on European architecture of the Renaissance.
By re-thinking the roles of the architecture, programming model and compiler tools, SPI has created a new class of DSPs that makes parallel processing practical.
This, in effect, creates an application architecture in which there can be thousands of dynamically linked databases, all communicating change to one another as needed.

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