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Ancient; old; in jungian psychology, denoting the ancestral past of mental processes.
[G. archaikos, ancient]
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A highly recommended classic of worship, whether for stand-alone reading or as a companion volume to more archaically literal transcriptions of Theologia Germanica.
Here it is the word abrupt, used strangely and almost archaically as a verb.
I admit that I am no expert on country music, but these songs sound just like most of the genre: simple chord progressions, lots of guitar, and archaically named characters like Ole Luther.
It is also the company which recently wrote off pounds 30m in unpaid bills, which means that those of us honest enough to fork out on already sky- high and archaically calculated water rates are being doubly penalised.
Consilium--"discretion," or, archaically, "good counsel," as the term might perhaps be best rendered in English--signifies the orator's general ability to anticipate correctly what will play best with a given audience in a given set of circumstances.