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Ancient; old; in jungian psychology, denoting the ancestral past of mental processes.
[G. archaikos, ancient]
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To use archaic terms or forms--such as common measure, a meter associated with ballads and Psalms--was to assert a sort of authenticity and to make a claim on proximity to sacred sources.
The analysis presented in this chapter also takes the reader past the Archaic period and into the formation of the Roman landscape of farmsteads and villas.
Spellings like fune do not follow these rules as they imply a long vowel in the main syllable, for which reason funne would be closer in its resemblance to archaic English.
Given recent fossil evidence, however, the greatest opportunity for introgression was in Africa" where anatomically modern humans and various archaic forms co-existed for much longer than they did outside of Africa, according to the researchers.
Keywords: Late Archaic, hunter-gatherer settlement, McWhinney Heavy Stemmed, Ohio Valley archaeology
This small lithic procurement site yielded artifacts dating from the Early Archaic through Mississippian periods and also contained a nineteenth-century industrial site.
Archaic human burials are seldom recovered on the Southern High Plains of Texas (Jurgens 1979; Owsley et al.
This project is named most clearly in the second part of the title of the book, "Realizing the Archaic Future," which "does not mean simply waking up and Seeing.
The fact that the VA system is insular and archaic in design and practice is largely due to the failure of Congress to respond to VA leadership for reform.
Organizationally, the book is structured chronologically, around five major periods: the Dark Age, the Archaic Age, Classical Greece (i.
Indeed, if careful editing can bring us to an understanding of the archaic texts, this and other works from the Berlin collegium will do so.
He follows "no absolute rule" in modernizing the text, however, retaining certain archaic titles and names but changing others to accepted modern forms; stage directions are added or revised in the interest of clarity.