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Vogel (2009) "A Cochrane review of treatment for childhood apraxia of speech".
ABA = Apraxia Battery for Adults, BNT = Boston Naming Test, Mi = mild, Mo = moderate, N = normal, NA = not applicable, SAQOL = Stroke and Aphasia Quality Of Life (scale), Ravens = Raven's Progressive Matrices, WAB = Western Aphasia Battery.
Exon deletions and intragenic insertions are not rare in ataxia with oculomotor apraxia 2.
developmental language impairment, aphasia, apraxia of speech), or educational setting (e.
This study showed a 97% improvement rate of children with verbal apraxia for those taking the supplement.
Definitive focal signs can be accepted as indicative of a stroke but must have lasted for more than 24 h and the signs must be of a presumed vascular origin and include: Unilateral or bilateral motor impairment and or sensory impairment, non-fluent speech, half sided impairment of visual fields, diplopia, conjugate deviation, acute onset apraxia or ataxia or perception of deficit,
While some people need dedicated devices, an iPod or iPhone with Proloquo2Go brings communication within reach of many people with autism, Down syndrome, apraxia, ALS, cerebral palsy and victims of stroke and others who could never before afford a communication device.
The Badgers' water coach, Danny Keefe, had suffered a brain hemorrhage when he was born, causing childhood apraxia of speech.
Communication disorders , such as aphasia (impaired speech and language understanding), dysarthria (difficulties in talking caused by muscle weaknesses) and speech apraxia (inability of patients to express themselves correctly and consistently) are common after a stroke.
Sam was recently diagnosed with a speech disorder called verbal apraxia.
She was 54 years postonset at the time of this study, and her language indicated nonfluent aphasia with alexia, agraphia, and apraxia of speech.
Comorbidity of ADHD, CAPD, apraxia, aphasia, dyslexia and autism is discussed.