approved services

approved services, 1. all services provided in a dental plan. In some plans, authorization must be obtained before approved service is provided; other plans make exception for treatment of emergency needs; still others require no prior authorization for any treatment approved under the program. 2. dental services that meet quality standards maintained in a dental plan.
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The modernization projects are progressed as per approved Services Capital Acquisition Plans (SCAP) and Annual Acquisition Plans (AAP) in terms of extant Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP).
Similarly Ghulam Murtaza (charged of remaining absent during duty hours wilfully) and Yasir Arfat (charged of not taking interest in daily duties) were censured by converting their punishments from forfeiture of approved services to censure.
Room for growth by adding additional approved services.
Subject then to ORR having all the information it needs, we should be in a position to make a decision before the February 2006 timetable conference, so that approved services can be included in the December 2006 timetable.
Other issues that must be addressed are as follows: revising government grant and contracting processes; overcoming barriers to collaboration that exist in state/local laws and practices; ensuring the existence of secular alternatives to FBO-provided services; and holding FBOs accountable for restricting the use of government funds to approved services and protecting clients' religious freedoms.
The new MATERNA solution Anny Way Text2Video combines approved services with the power of next generation (2.
Contract notice: provision of direct payment support services inclusion on a list of approved services.
Greg Wettstein, developer of the software at the University and now CTO of Hurderos, describes the work as "core technology infrastructure" that identifies the user, authenticates that the person is who they say they are, and then authorizes the user to receive approved services.
This new capability will enable contractors to not only submit electronic invoices to property owners and building facility managers online, but can significantly reduce the receivables cycle, typically 60-90 days, by allowing facility managers to remit payment electronically for approved services rendered, either by using a purchase card or electronic check (via Automated Clearing House).