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(ă-prō′prē-ăt) [L. appropriatus, made one's own]
1. In psychiatry, pert. to behavior that is suitable and congruent.
2. In medical practice, pert. to care that is expected to yield health benefits that considerably exceed risk.


adj 1. the determination that the service provided is suited for the condition.
adj 2. being suitable for a particular person, group, community, condition, occasion, and/or place.
adj 3. proper.
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Title II appropriates funding two overseas assistance programs:
Appropriates $55,900,000 to remain available until 30 September 2002 for expenses relating to the Overseas Humanitarian, Disaster and Civic Aid Programs of the Department of Defense.
Appropriates $443,400,000 to remain available until 30 September 2003 for the Former Soviet Union Threat Reduction, often referred to as Nunn-Lugar Funding.
Title VI appropriates $12,117,779,000 for DoD medical and health care programs not otherwise provided for.
House Bill 998 appropriates $132,000 to the University of Pennsylvania
House Bill 999 appropriates $462,000 to the Burn Foundation;
House Bill 1000 appropriates $860,000 to Fox Chase Cancer Institute in
House Bill 1001 appropriates $56,000 to Lancaster Cleft Palate;
Mellow (D-Lackawanna), appropriates $202,000 to Johnson Technical Institute in Scranton;
Bell (R-Delaware), appropriates $73,000 to the Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades in Media, Delaware County;
Tilghman, appropriates $124,000 to Beacon Lodge Camp in Mount Union, Mifflin County;
Hart (R-Allegheny), appropriates $438,000 to The Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh;

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