appropriate for gestational age infant

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appropriate for gestational age (AGA) infant

Etymology: L, ad, toward, proprius, ownership
a newborn whose size, growth, and maturation are normal for gestational age, whether delivered prematurely, at term, or later than term. Such infants, if born at term, fall within the average range of size and weight on intrauterine growth curves, measuring from 48 to 53 cm in length and weighing between 2700 and 4000 g. Compare large for gestational age infant, small for gestational age infant.

ap·pro·pri·ate for ges·ta·tion·al age in·fant

(ă-prōprē-ăt jes-tāshŭn-ăl ăj ińfănt)
Infant who has met the appropriate developmental milestones.
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