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If she had worn navy she would have come across as much more approachable.
The majority of workers are simply looking for a fair boss - 63% - and someone who is approachable and fun - 19%.
Wendy Jackson, sports development manager said: "He was absolutely fantastic, very laid back and very approachable.
Experience shows that by reaching out to communities we can demystify the criminal justice system for the public, making it a more approachable, open and understandable experience for those who have to come into contact with it.
You always find Michael to be approachable and friendly, ready to discuss any betting-related matter when asked.
In short, they are welcome additions to the duet literature and are technically approachable, musically intriguing and aurally scintillating.
Tom Murr, the Acting Executive Director, is moderate in manner, studious in his approach to staff work, and eminently approachable to the public.
With Autonomy's highly scaleable software, we can build a site that filters down huge volumes of information to create a more approachable and dynamic resource.
The tales capitalize on kids' interest in curiosities from the past and their willingness to question an approachable adult.
There's a long list of bacterial infections that are approachable with replacement therapy," he says.
The presenter, Don Avedon, was outstanding; he is highly regarded in our field and is an approachable, down-to-earth teacher.
They observed that God could not be more approachable in one place than in another, and they claimed that biblical words about the exaltation of Jerusalem referred to "heavenly Jerusalem," the unearthly destination of the faithful, the actual locale was a bare symbol for a higher reality.