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To this extent, these simple appositional conversions can be said to be valency-reflecting, if not respecting.
We work on appositional play, on our shape,on what to do if you are pulled out of shape, things like that.
White terror and appositional agency: Towards a critical multiculturalism.
The first use of the dash is simple enough, since it works to link the appositional "high notes.
the Civil Society Group" and "Gizo Civil Society")' which have taken 'overtly appositional stances' to government during the ongoing political crisis (see also Scales, Dinnen, and Hegarty n.
He is also very attentive to nuances of syntax and grammar, as when he notes the choric effects achieved by the "nonsubordinating, appositional mode" of "At a Solemn Music.
14) Thus, movement history encompasses more than the books and articles, the plays and films, the workshops and public projects we have produced; it embraces the appositional narratives of those who have lived movement history.
These valuable observations might further profit from an in-depth assessment of how the individual proverbial passages relate to the essential thematic, lexical, and semantic duality (or appositional principle operating in the subject, structure, and diction) of the poem.
Indeed, by making such scant use of the caesura, enjambement, and other rhythmic disruptions, and by piling up appositional and participial phrases, as though every statement had to be qualified, the verse movement becomes clogged in a numbing regularity, with almost one adjective per noun.
The appositional theme is further carried out in the music, which juxtaposes haunting traditional fidle and bagpipe by Alisdair Fraser and the spunky urban folk style of Ashley Maclsaac.
The clinical results I have seen to date using geneX convincingly demonstrate appositional growth of new bone.