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The council is required to appoint someone within 30 days of Smyth's resignation or call a special election, which would cost about $175,000.
95-58, the value of a trust is not includible in the grantor's estate, due to the reserved right to remove the trustee and appoint a successor trustee not related or subordinated to the grantor.
Form 8821 is only a disclosure statement and cannot be used to appoint a representative.
Our policy was to appoint appropriate personnel to appropriate posts,'' Kawaguchi said.
The operations of Appoint from the date of acquisition on April 12, 1993, through the end of the fiscal year on Oct.
14, 1994, ATI announced its plans to shut down or divest the operations of Appoint Inc.
If the board decides to appoint someone, that person will serve until the next regularly scheduled board election, which is next year, Boullion said.
Barrett, the founder of Appoint, has proposed a plan that, with the cooperation of ATI's and Appoint's lenders, will return control of Appoint to Barrett in exchange for a substantial portion of the shares issued by ATI to Barrett in the original merger transaction.
If a shareholder who is represented on the Nominating Committee is no longer one of the four largest shareholders in terms of votes, that shareholder's representative shall resign from the Committee if ordered by a majority of the members of the Nominating Committee, and the shareholder who has become one of the four largest shareholders in terms of votes shall instead have the right to appoint a representative.
Picken, president and chief executive officer of Appoint Technologies Inc.
In accordance with the proposal by the Nomination Committee, the Shareholders' Meeting further resolved to appoint Anders Rydin Chairman of the Board.
Kotch later explained he made his controversial decision partly to see several important projects through to completion - such as a sound water management plan - but also to encourage reform of CLWA's legislative authority to appoint four of its 11 members from retail water suppliers.