application service provider

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ap·pli·ca·tion ser·vice pro·vi·der

(ASP) (ap'li-kā'shŭn sĕr'vis prō-vī'dĕr)
Software that provides computer-based services to customers using a network; may be Web-based.

application service provider

A company that offers individuals or enterprises access over the Internet to applications and services that would otherwise have to be located on their own computers.
See also: provider
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World Technology Services is a leading Application Service Provider (ASP) for J.
Corio is well-known as a powerhouse application service provider," said Eric Morris, vice president of sales for UltraDNS.
Corio (Nasdaq:CRIO), a leading enterprise application service provider, delivers, hosts and manages best-of-breed enterprise applications and infrastructure services for a monthly fee.
We believe the new WorldVoice offerings represent a powerful suite of new capabilities for Application Service Providers and Exchange users," said Mike Shiff, Data Return's Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sales, and Business Development.
Nasdaq:CRIO), a leading enterprise application service provider, today announced that George Kadifa, president and CEO of Corio, was selected as chairman of ITAA's Application Service Provider (ASP) Board of Directors.

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