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For the first two days after his wife's departure Alexey Alexandrovitch received applicants for assistance and his chief secretary, drove to the committee, and went down to dinner in the dining room as usual.
And there was not a list, in all the Circumlocution Office, of places that might fall vacant anywhere within half a century, from a lord of the Treasury to a Chinese consul, and up again to a governor-general of India, but as applicants for such places, the names of some or of every one of these hungry and adhesive Barnacles were down.
There is no saying how many applicants for relief, under these last two heads, might have started up in all classes of society, if it had not been coupled with the workhouse; but the board were long-headed men, and had provided for this difficulty.
Being denied a first DG can make a negative impression on the new department and be very embarrassing for the new applicant.
mil/cpd/docper/> walks the TR applicant and COR through the process.
Delving into areas of an applicant's or employee's private life that are irrelevant to the job may expose an employer/provider to a violation-of-privacy claim by a rejected applicant.
If an applicant's employees regularly enter a state to solicit sales, the applicant will typically have to file sales tax returns.
The data, for example, do not account for the possibility that an institution's outreach efforts may attract a larger proportion of marginally qualified applicants than other institutions attract and do not provide a basis for an independent assessment of whether an applicant who was denied credit was, in fact, creditworthy.
Generally, the FCC's regulations state that licensees and applicants of certain types of wireless facilities must routinely assess their compliance with RER radiation exposure limits, which differ, depending on whether the RFR environment is "controlled" (i.
Q: What makes an applicant desirable to a loan officer?
Longer times often were required if difficulties arose with completing the background investigation or if the applicant did not complete final testing in a timely manner.