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appellant (əpel´ənt),

n the party who, dissatisfied with the disposition of a case on the trial level, appeals to a higher court.
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He added that to fill vacancy of an additional secretary, a working paper was prepared by Nasrullah recommending his own promotion in supersession of the appellant despite the fact that he was not only junior to the appellant but also earned adverse ACR in 1997.
Okonkwo maintained that 'the learned trial judge suo motu, held that the word 'vary' means 'vacate', without giving the parties, especially the appellant an opportunity to address him on that'.
In consideration of the applications filed by the appellants along with temporary injunction for suspension of the impugned order, the arguments and precedents from various courts order, a temporary stay order for suspending the impugned order was granted by the appellate authority, the secretary IC and I Department.
C to present the same before the court having jurisdiction and appellant being aggrieved of the said order dated 9-5-2009 challenged the same through Civil Revision 47 of 2009 instead of preferring Civil Miscellaneous Appeal under Order XLIII, r.
The Cayman Islands-based FBME Ltd which was struck off the company register almost a year ago, was one of two appellants in the case against the first instance ruling from April, i.
The appellant also claimed that Article 36 breached the Constitution because it treats parties unequally and discriminated between those who referred a dispute to arbitration from those who referred a matter to the civil courts.
The Minister has instructed his department to immediately institute criminal proceedings against the appellant on the basis of this allegation.
The judge concluded: "In our view, the penalty was appropriate - or, indeed, lenient - in the circumstances and the appellant has no legitimate complaint concerning its size.
On March 4, 2011, the trial court entered judgment against appellant on the counterclaim and declared him to be a vexatious litigator.
But if a decision of the planning board involves interpretation of the zoning ordinance, the appellant must first appeal to the ZBA before going to the superior court.
At that stage the appellant was cautioned for damaging his brother's car, and his brother was cautioned for assaulting the appellant.