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In health care accounting, denotes a request from a physician or clerical worker in a health care facility for a third-party payer to reconsider a decision about a disallowed claim for compensation.
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But you, Sir Knight, what is yours, when you appeal without scruple to that which you deem most holy, even while you are about to transgress the most solemn of your vows as a knight, and as a man of religion?
Justice through them may be administered with ease and despatch; and appeals may be safely circumscribed within a narrow compass.
she uttered it in such a tone of plaintive appeal that the tears came into some of the hardest eyes.
Happily for the success of this undertaking, the regents were not accustomed to resist these appeals to their generosity, whenever there was the smallest prospect of a donation to second the request.
And he went on with his work in spite of the reiterated appeals of the bell.
A bulky, blue-chinned man in white clothes, his name red-lettered across his lower shirtfront, spluttering from under a green-lined umbrella almost tearful appeals to be introduced to the Unintroducible; naming loudly the Unnameable; dancing, as it seemed, in perverse joy at mere mention of the Unmentionable--found those limits.
Disko had no use for public functions where appeals were made for charity, but Harvey pleaded that the glory of the day would be lost, so far as he was concerned, if the "We're Heres" absented themselves.
I never took any notice of those pathetic appeals before.
There was a whole column devoted to appeals after missing relatives.
The earnest appeals which Ginevra made to the Duc de Feltre, then minister of war, had been crowned with complete success.
Had this lady who appeals to us for help gone to live in Winchester, I should never have had a fear for her.
He appeals to the world-famed hospitality of Athens and hints at the blessings that his coming will confer on the State.