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Prostrate is an obligate apomict (Bashaw and Holt, 1958) and a tetraploid with 40 chromosomes that associate as 10 bivalents and 20 univalents during meiosis (Bashaw et al.
An argument could be made that the unreduced eggs that were fertilized were not the products of sexual reproduction and that S 2103 is a facultative apomict.
Caliber is a facultative apomict with approximately 90% of its progeny appearing genetically identical to the maternal parent.
Blackstone is a facultative apomict with approximately 95% of its progeny appearing to be genetically identical to the maternal parent.
Pollen viability also is important for hybridization in apomicts because when a facultative apomict is used as the female parent, new genotypes are produced when the reduced egg cells in meiotically derived embryo sacs are fertilized.
Representative plants in the space plant nursery from both the open-pollinated and self-pollinated seed sources indicated that Reveille is a facultative apomict with 12% (3 out of 25) offtype plants observed in both seed sources.
alcalinum accession behaved as an obligate apomict.
If this hypothesis is correct, then the addition of reproductive signals to an apomict by adding additional genomes through wide hybridization could either enhance or inhibit apomixis by either enhancing or inhibiting the balance of asynchronously expressed signals.
1991) documented an absence of callose in apomeiotic MMCs of the diplosporous facultative apomict E.
Apomicts reproduce clonally through seeds, including apomeiosis, parthenogenesis, and autonomous or pseudogamous endosperm formation.
Ruzigrass is a diploid sexual species, while accessions of signalgrass and palisadegrass are mostly tetraploid apomicts (Miles et al.