apolipoprotein B-100

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ap·o·lip·o·pro·tein B-100

an apolipoprotein found in LDL, VLDL, and IDL. The ligand for the LDL receptor; absent in certain types of abetalipoproteinemia.

apolipoprotein B-100

a protein component of lipoprotein involved in the hepatic transport of lipid as very-low-density lipoprotein and low-density lipoprotein (LDL). Apoprotein B-100 links to cellulose LDL receptors. It is elevated in the plasma of patients with familial hyperlipoproteinemia.


A gene on chromosome 2p24-p23 that encodes apolipoprotein B, the main apoliprotein of chylomicrons and low-density lipoproteins, which appears in plasma as two main isoforms: apoB48 (which is synthesised exclusively in the gut) and apoB100 (which is synthesised in the liver).

Molecular pathology
APOB mutations cause hypobetalipoproteinaemia, normotriglyceridemic hypobetalipoproteinaemia, and hypercholesterolaemia due to ligand-defective apoB.

apolipoprotein B-100

A 550 kD protein synthesized in the liver that is the major component in lipoproteins of endogenous origin–LDL, VLDL, IDL, provides the recognition signal targeting LDL to the LDL–apoB, E receptor and is considered to be the l'enfant terrible of ASHD Ref range 40 to 125 mg/dl Abnormal values ↑ in familial combined hyperlipidemia, acquired hyperlipidemia, in acute angina and MI
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Of the 12 markers studied, say researchers, CRP was the best in the univariate analysis, whereas apolipoprotein B-100 and total HDL cholesterol were not as valuable.
But the real villain may turn out to beLDL's sole protein component, a molecule called apolipoprotein B-100 (apo-B).
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The fact that each LDL particle contains a single copy of apolipoprotein B-100, almost fully accounting for the protein content of LDL, allows straightforward calculation of average LDL particle volume from its chemical composition (3).