hydrophobic interaction

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hy·dro·pho·bic in·ter·ac·tion

interaction between uncharged substituents on different molecules without a sharing of electrons or protons; entropy-driven interaction.
Synonym(s): apolar interaction


1. pertaining to hydrophobia (rabies).
2. repelling water; insoluble in water; not readily absorbing water.

hydrophobic interaction
interaction of nonpolar (un-ionizable) hydrocarbon molecules forced together because of stronger water-water interaction.
hydrophobic signal peptides
15 to 30 amino acids located at or near the N-terminus of a protein that always includes a hydrophobic core of at least eight nonpolar amino acids, found in proteins that are synthesized on membrane bound ribosomes and destined for export from the cell.
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Weber (4) postulated that small changes in the energy of the apolar bonds of proteins play an important part in optimizing the affinities of enzymes for substrates and coenzymes within a certain temperature range.