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Terminated abruptly by a small point.
[L. apiculus, a tip or point]
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Ascospores olive- brown, lemon shaped, 10-15 x 7-9 [micro]m, apiculate at both ends.
5) mm long, ovoid to subglobose, with obtuse, usually apiculate apex, smooth, glossy, white; hypogynium narrow, obscurely trigonous with a whitish papillose crust.
Stem leaves straight, slightly concave, oblong-ovate, 1,2-1,3 mm wide x 1,8-2,2 mm long; erect-spreading to imbricate, usually strongly appressed and inrolled towards apices of stem and branches, forming straight, acute and stiff tips, usually complanate; leaf margin plane, entire, sometimes slightly denticulate near apex; apex abruptly acute or obtuse and apiculate or rounded; costa short and double (up to 25% of length leaf); median lamina cells linear-flexuose, 3,7-5,0(6.
Lamina of larger leaves 16-26 cm long, 11-16 cm wide, broadly elliptical, broadly cuneate at base, rounded and apiculate or shallowly retuse at apex, adaxially glabrate at maturity except persistently loosely sericeous on midrib, abaxially densely and persistently appressed-tomentose with the hairs sessile or short-stalked and the crosspiece ca.
41; apiculate,moderately thick walled, smooth, broadly ellipsoid to lemon shaped, proximal and distal poles taper, middle broad, black 5% KOH, inamyloid, yellow in Melzer's reagent.
Hind, and Nouelia and is defined by the combination of apiculate anther appendages and smooth style branches (Fig.
The glume beak is awned, and the shoulder is elevated to apiculate.
Native yeasts such as Hansenula ano-mala and Kloeckera apiculate produce an abundance of ethyl acetate.
Leaf-lobes loosely imbricate to contiguous, slightly squarrose, convoluted around the stem when dry and spreading when wet, ovate, 1250-1325-1000-1300 [micro]m, margin entire, incurved to ventral side, apex acute to short apiculate, base cordate, dorsal base widely auriculate and ventral base auriculate or truncate, ventral auricle shorter than dorsal one.
7-5 cm, inconspicuously and sparsely white-lepidote near the apex to glabrescent, green, lustrous mainly abaxially, apex acuminate and apiculate, margins densely and coarsely spinose at the base with spines 2-5 x 1.