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Apicoectomy is the standard surgical procedure for such cases, thanks to several factors such as lesion location and the need to fully eliminate it, as well as the presence of cores or posts.
An apicoectomy or retrograde retreatment is the excisionof the apical portion of a tooth root through an opening made in the overlying bone.
An apicoectomy with retrograde filling is an apical surgery with root resection followed by a class I cavity confection and placement of a retrograde material [3-5].
Apicoectomy and connective tissue graft--Surgical approach for the treatment of fenestrations: Case report
Quantitative evaluation of leakage in roots filled retrogradely with different filled materials after apicoectomy.
Apicoectomy (Stryker 2296 carbide bur, US) of 3mm was performed (Fig 1b).
End- odontic surgery - Apicoectomy and Periapical curettage was done accordingly where indicated.
Clinical application of the erbium:YAG laser for apicoectomy.
Key words: Apicoectomy, Dental Amalgam, Gutta-percha, Retrograde Filling.
Apicoectomy or apical root resection with retro-grade filling is a standard surgical treatment to salvage the periapically infected teeth in which root canal therapy has failed to resolve the problem.
A prospective and comparative observational study was carried out from October 2004 to October 2009 at Khyber College of Dentistry, Peshawar with recruit-ment of 30 patients in whom apicoectomy was done on single maxillary anterior tooth which were previously treated endodontically but had persistent periapical radioluecency with discomfort, pain or chronic sinus formation.
6% in pa-tients where amalgam retrograde filling was used after apicoectomy (Table 1).