apical delta

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apical delta

A term of art referring to the microanatomy of bone surrounding the tip of the root of some teeth, which consists of a complex array of accessory canaliculi and forminae and is thus analogous to the delta area of a large river (e.g., the Mississippi delta).


pertaining to an apex.

apical abscess
a localized suppurative inflammation of tissues about the apex of a tooth root.
apical delta
a foramen made up of multiple fine channels found at the apex of a tooth root through which the blood supply and nerves pass.
apical ectodermal ridge
an ectodermal thickening at the end of each limb bud in the developing embryo; of critical importance in the initiation of limb segments.
apical halo
a radiological feature of apical abscesses in which the surrounding alveolar bone becomes radiolucent.
apical lung lobe
the cranial lobe of the lung.
penile apical ligament
a fibrous band along the dorsal surface of the distal part of the penis of the bull which helps to produce a slight twist in the erect state. Abnormality may contribute to the development of deviation of the penis during erection.