apical area

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ap·i·cal ar·e·a

the area surrounding the root end of a tooth.

ap·i·cal a·re·a

(api-kăl arē-ă)
Area surrounding root end of a tooth.
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15H; G, See annex), without gonostilar arm, internal margin and apical area of gosnostylus covered with simple, long and very abundant hairs (P), external surface covered with small hairs (Fig.
2A-B); with numerous distinct spines on lateral margins of expanded area, on internal side nearly from base, on external side behind basal quarter; ventral area of hind tibia compressed with a single, rounded medial margin carrying three minute spinules; only in apical area a little widened with two angular margins carrying three external and two internal spines; at tip with one dorsal and three ventral apical spurs on both sides.
2-D Echocardiography was performed which showed dilated LV anteroseptal hypokinesia with apical half of akinesia along with aneurysmal formation of LV apical area.
Frons uniformly colored, macropterous tegmina heavily infuscated on clavus and apical area M.
Apical area not especially broad, pointed or narrowly rounded anteriorly.
During her ECG examination, a distinct hypertrophy in the apical area (apical thickness 18mm) and a mild pulmonary stenosis were observed.
Enclosing or surrounding the apical area of a tooth root.
1C): hyaline; light brown fumose on the apical area; forewing with blackened basal cell; costal vein relatively short and ochre; veins ochre, becoming brownish in the apical area; the extremities of the veins with dark brown markings on both sides, and with deep brown infuscation on the radial and radiomedial crossveins; ambient vein dark brown; apical area octoloculate.
We can't get light to the apical area, so it is important to use a dual cure (or chemical cure) for that application.