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, aphacia (ă-fā′kē-ă) (ă-fā′sē-ă) [ ¹an- + phaco-l]
Absence of the crystalline lens of the eye.
aphakicaphacic (ă-fā′kik) (ă-fā′sik), adjective


pertaining to aphakia.

aphakic crescent
the crescent-shaped tapetal reflex seen between the iris margin and a subluxated lens.
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Even severe amblyopes and aphakics can see the brushes since their appearance does not depend on VA.
Since its original introduction, over 400,000 aphakic OPHTEC lenses have been implanted worldwide, and an additional 100,000 phakic IOLs.
Unfortunately, the return of far too much blue after cataract surgery (plus the distorted vision provided by aphakic glasses) was equally negative: ".
In aphakic or pseudophakic eyes (with clear intraocular lenses), high-energy (blue) and ultraviolet-A radiation strikes the retina.
Subsequently they were prescribed thick aphakic spectacles and had to contend with their associated disadvantages.
Tailor-made SiHs are also available for use in hospitals (such as the Definitive material from UltraVision), including aphakic and bandage lenses, lenses for high myopia, paediatric lenses and those that can be tinted with cosmetic or prosthetic tints.
Aphakic lenses have taken a lesser role with cataract surgery so hospital optometrists have been given a greater role managing patients from a clinical point of view.