apex locator

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a·pex lo·ca·tor

(āpeks lōkā-tŏr)
Electronic device used to identify the vertex of the root canal.
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Tenders are invited for Endomotor With Apex Locator For Protaper Endo Dontic System As Per Sr.
Another research article evaluates the use of an electronic apex locator in primary maxillary incisors.
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During electronic length determination in this study, the file was advanced into the canal until the apex locator indicated "Apex" and then slowly retracted until the device signaled 0.
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Today's rotary files, apex locators and digital radiographs make root canal treatment easier than ever.
The 2nd edition of this guide provides the practitioner with information about the incorporation of new technology into their practice, such as new diagnostic instruments including cone beam and digital imaging, electronic apex locators, rotary instrumentation, disinfection and root canal filling in a concise format.