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Acetylcysteine to Prevent Angiography-Related Renal Tissue Injury. A trial testing the hypothesis that prophylactic N-acetylcysteine prevents contrast-induced nephropathy in patients with chronic renal insufficiency (CRI) undergoing cardiac catheterization
Conclusion N-acetylcysteine decreased the risk of postcatheterization nephropathy in patients with CRI
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2) Let (X, =, [not equal to]) be a set with apartness.
Paradoxically, he suggests, our strong sense of specialness and apartness might bring us closer together--if only we could laugh at ourselves.
vii) notes in regard to American Catholicism, "it has always been as much a culture as a religion, one defined by its prickly apartness from the broader, secular American culture--in America, usually enthusiastically for America, but never quite of America.
This paradoxical effort to respond to nature on its own terms by means, nevertheless, of our terms can lead to such a conundrum as "No flatness because no not-flatness"--although the result of the effort is that we find ourselves in a place with "nothing in the way" free, perhaps, of what Lawrence Buell has called "the illusion of mental and even bodily apartness from one's environment" (Buell 1995, 144).
Whereas in Richard Gloucester's case this apartness was given, at least up to his self-directed coronation, Faulconbridge determines not to stand apart but in his own way to meet the madness of the world, the rule of commodity itself.
These are poignant words because, as Ex-Friends makes clear, the things Podhoretz now realizes he loved about the Family are just what he personally rejected in the late '60s: the Family's apartness from the commercial mainstream (snobbish and hypocritical though it could sometimes be), its high piety about its mission, its aestheticism.
Kerewin's quest is the literal and psychological journey from one home to another--from Tower to spiral--symbolising a movement from the crippling apartness to something that she calls 'commensalism', an ideal form of communal living.
It is this apartness from nature that defines our condition and the bad effects that we must overcome.
The teaching of "multiculturalism," with its respect for difference and uniqueness, typically accepts the basic premises of segregation and apartness.
Most importantly of all she instilled in her children her own sense of difference, of apartness from the environment of Eastwood by insisting that, like her, they speak 'proper' English - although the Lawrence children lapsed into the local dialect when they were out of their mother's presence.
Tropical Dominions: The Figurative Struggle over Domains of Belonging and Apartness in Africa," in Beyond Metaphor: The Theory of Tropes in Anthropology, ed.
When we differ--and as humanists we are temperamentally given to differing--we turn our differences into reasons for apartness.