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Acetylcysteine to Prevent Angiography-Related Renal Tissue Injury. A trial testing the hypothesis that prophylactic N-acetylcysteine prevents contrast-induced nephropathy in patients with chronic renal insufficiency (CRI) undergoing cardiac catheterization
Conclusion N-acetylcysteine decreased the risk of postcatheterization nephropathy in patients with CRI
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All the ballets were presented in extracts, and, naturally enough, apart from the inevitable bit from Carmen, the program concentrated on the works that Petit had created in Marseilles, some of which the company brought on its various tours to the United States.
Indeed, it appears that Logan was right in considering himself an important figure in African American history, quite apart from his reputation as an historian.
The freedom to occasionally do some things apart from travel companions mirrors the shift in psychological mindset regarding the relationships of men and women that has occurred over the past two decades," said Amy McIntosh, vice president, marketing, American Express Travelers Cheque Group.
The most popular vacation activities that travelers enjoy apart from their companions include golf, shopping, walking for exercise, and sunbathing.
What sets McDonough apart from many environmental thinkers is his belief in "eco-effectiveness," which takes cues from nature on how best to design systems.
The College has since turned out a plethora of priests and cardinals, but apart from Loughran I can't think of anybody really distinguished.
The writer Colette expresses this same ambiguity in the form of a half-question at the end of a remarkable sentence in which she recalls her childhood impressions of her mother's garden: "Apart from a curve of earth, apart from a thicket of cherry laurels topped by a ginko tree--I used to give its ray-shaped leaves to my schoolmates who would dry them between the pages of the atlas--the whole warm garden thrived in a yellow light quivering with reds and violets, yet I couldn't tell whether this red, this violet, hinged, still hinge, on a sentimental happiness or on an optical dazzlement.
Apart from these uses it becomes, by virtue of its width, close to magic.
Actually I got all that latter stuff, apart from the talking, from GDL Technology at www.
In a town where construction companies have been kept busy building new megahotels year after year, one company has found an unusual niche that sets it apart from the rest.
Apart from Herzog's huge new roof -- an ingenious and fine piece, if rather heavy -- and obviously, the cable cars, will there be any permanent contribution to the good of the fair site?
The design department of a giant car company has been gathered into one building; its expressive form sets it apart from the rest of the works.