anxiolytic medication

anxiolytic medication (angk´sē-ōlit´ik),

n a drug used to decrease emotional stress or anxiety. Also called
antianxiety agent.
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She may need some anxiolytic medication - for anxiety and sedation - as the trauma may not allow her any rest.
Lorazepam is an anxiolytic medication used to treat anxiety and is only prescribed for brief periods due to its addictive nature.
The use of anxiolytic medication does not reduce the need for local anesthetics during dental procedures.
I have a reputation to protect--a reputation that includes anxiolytic medication and alcohol.
She was started on an anxiolytic medication, and she underwent counseling for panic disorder at the recommendation of the psychiatry service.
In four patients (3 and 1) treatment was stopped because of symptom aggravation necessitating a change in anxiolytic medication.
RESULTS: The introduction of hypnosis, supplemented by little or no opioids, resulted in excellent pain control, absence of need for supplemental anxiolytic medication, shortened length of wound care, and a positive staff response over a 14-day period.
Hypnotics and anxiolytic medications such as benzodiazepines are especially important in this regard, as abrupt withdrawal or forgetting to take these medications can lead to seizures.
And despite my qualms, every two weeks I refilled the cocktail of anxiolytic medications that kept him "under control.
Antidepressant and anxiolytic medications were reported to be moderately useful adjunctive treatments.
Utilization of common analgesic and anxiolytic medications by registered First Nations residents of western Canada.
Patients with anxiety disorders who take benzodiazepines exhibit a reduced capacity to remember material presented in cognitive-behavioral therapy, compared with patients who are not taking anxiolytic medications, Dr.