, annuloplasty (an'yŭ-lō-plas-tē)
Reconstruction of the ring (or anulus) of an incompetent cardiac valve.
[L. anulus, ring, + G. plastos, formed]
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Mitral anuloplasty rings come in many shapes, but similar to mitral annular calcium, are readily recognized by their characteristic location and lack of leaflets (15) (Figure 31).
Mitral valve stenosis and pure tricuspid valve regurgitation: comparison of necropsy patients having simultaneous mitral and tricuspid valve replacements with necropsy patients having simultaneous mitral valve replacement and tricuspid valve anuloplasty.
Twelve-Month Follow-Up of a Controlled Trial of Intradiscal Thermal Anuloplasty for Back Pain Due to Internal Disc Disruption" compared 36 patients treated with IDET and a control group of 17 patients treated with rehabilitation therapy.