Related to or affecting the pyloric antrum.
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The antropyloric area was detected on the head of the pancreas and choledochus.
No NET was observed in antropyloric zone in USGs of 22 patients.
Double linear echogenic view that extended to the post pyloric area and displayed continuity in the antropyloric area was evaluated as catheter.
According to some studies sparing of antropyloric innervation results in near normal gastric emptying and with preservation of extragastric vagal innervations, the incidence of post vagotomy diarrhoea and dumping is minimal.
6] Derangements in gastric motile activity include overall disturbed motility in the various stomach regions together with poorly synchronised and unco-ordinated motor function between the fundus and antropyloric areas of the stomach.
Prolonged and severe gastric inflammation may cause epithelial damage, which may lead to gastric atrophy, characterized by loss of parietal and chief cells in the oxyntic mucosa and/or loss of glandular units in the oxyntic or antropyloric mucosa.
It is recommended that patients undergoing upper gastrointestinal endoscopy due to gastrointestinal symptoms have a sampling of at least five biopsies, including two of gastric antropyloric mucosa (greater and lesser curvature), one of the incisura angularis, and two of the gastric body (lesser and greater curvature).
In Pakistan a study carried out in Agha Khan University, Karachi showed tumour location in antropyloric region in 53 % cases and in the proximal part of the stomach in 35 % cases, while in 12 % cases tumour was diffusely involving the stomach study carried out in Sri Lanka showed that 52.
All homozygous mutant mice developed antropyloric adenoma, and 30% developed multifocal intraepithelial or intramucosal carcinomas.
The UGI is performed via an enteric tube with the tip positioned in the antropyloric region.